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Santa Clara County Superior Court (Mailing address is different from location address. Location is at 200 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA )

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Company Mission: Santa Clara Superior Court hears all state cases in Santa Clara county, including criminal, civil, juvenile, dependency, family, drug, and domestic violence. Judges rotate assignments every 1-4 years, depending on the assignment.

Job Details

Superior Court Judge Sylva: Preside over felony trials (cases involving murder, sexual assault, serious battery, gang crimes, and more). Rule on pre-trial motions, manage case, rule on objections during trial, oversee jury, etc.

Description: Students will have an opportunity to observe court, most likely a criminal trial. Other possibilities include motions, jury selection, sentencing, depending on the specific case being heard by the court on that day. Judge will explain the justice system and the roles of different individuals in the court.

Category: Government & Legal Service / Court

Important Information: Students should be prepared that long lines in front can form going through metal detectors. They will need to go through this line. They can have phones, but should not bring separate cameras into the court. Cell phones to be completely turned off in court and students should not have them out in court. During observation, students need to quietly observe, but the judge will take time on breaks or after to explain the process and answer questions. Parents and students should be advised that I cannot predict what case I will be hearing but many may be of serious subject matter, such as homicide or sexual assault.

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Monday, March 18 8:45 a.m. - noon 5 5 0 Closed

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