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Senior Wellness Center-PM (770 Welch Road, Suite 250, Palo Alto, CA 94304)

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Company Mission: I see patients in clinic and in rehab facility and oversee their care-plans and progress. I also teach medical students and medicine residents.

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Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor: An internist is a doctor who takes care of the health of adult individuals. A primary care internist is the one who oversees health promotion and disease prevention of those who are signed up as patients in the doctor's practice. A geriatrician is the one who does the same thing with emphasis on elder care, maintaining their well-being and preventing health and functional decline.

Description: We will either see patients in the office for few hours, or walk to the rehab facility where a few patients reside for short term rehabilitation. Students will have the opportunity to observe and ask questions.

Category: Education, Science & Research / None

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Wednesday, March 20 noon - 4 p.m. 1 1 0 Closed

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