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Life360 (539 Bryant Street Suite 402 San Francisco, CA 94107)

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Company Mission: Life360 builds the app for families, providing a suite of tools for coordinating activities and staying safe in emergency situations

Job Details

Product Lead: Head of product for the company’s family services division. I am in charge of setting the strategy for how my company builds products that help families stay connected and safe. I work closely with engineering, design, marketing, and data teams. Day to day responsibilities include talking to customers, competitive research, mobile app design prototyping, and planning and presenting producting strategy to the rest of the company.

Description: Overview of Life360 Presentation about product management PJ’s career path and general college/career advice Design review of what PJ’s team is slated to build

Category: Business / Software/ Technology

Important Information: dial 4 on the call box when you arrive

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Monday, March 18 10:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. 5 5 0 Closed

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