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Dilworth Elementary School (1101 Strayer Drive, San Jose, CA 95129)

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Company Mission: Our Dilworth Staff is committed to a sound instructional program that emphasizes basic skill building, the process of learning and a variety of opportunities for enrichment. Each student is considered a unique individual whose educational and social growth is nurtured and guided toward the goals of self-responsibility and the ability to become a productive, informed citizen in society.

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Elementary Teacher - Special Ed: Special Education Teacher - we have 3 special day classes at Dilworth and they fall into moderate and severe disabilities categories. We have students with diagnosis of Autism, Intellectually challenged, TBI and other health impairments. I have 9 students all day .Our Students have academic, social, communication Life skills and behavior needs.

Description: You get an opportunity to observe the students first, and then work with the students. It will be an opportunity to learn about how our students work, their positive traits and challenges. You will see how the curriculum is modified to meet the need of individual students. You will have an opportunity to learn from the students too.

Category: Education, Science & Research / Educator

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Tuesday , March 19th, 2019 8 a.m. - noon 2 0 2 Open

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